Saturday, October 16, 2010

Waiting on Halloween...

The Lazy and the Crazy of the family

Lord Wellington playing peek-a-boo

Uncanny resemblance!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Magic of the 1st Snow of the Year...

Somewhere in the norht east of Italy 4 Goldens were recalling their times in the north east of the USA...
Da qualche parte nell'Italia del nord est 4 Goldens si ricordavano di quando erano nel nord est degli USA...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Austrian Retriever Club Show - 1 May 2009-

This is Wellington in the ring. Who is handling him...? Not me, I was still in the other ring with Madison...
Questo e' Wellington nel ring. Chi lo sta presentando? Non io, ero ancora nel ring con Madison...
Mistery revealed! Our friend Gino is kindly handling Wellington and, strange enough, my boy is behaving!
Scoperto il mistero! Il nostro amico Gino lo sta gentilmente presentando, e il mio ragazzo, stranamente, si sta comportando bene!

Role change: while I am in the ring with Wellington, Gino and Sandra are taking few pics of Madison.
Cambio di ruolo: mentre sono nel ring con Wellington, Gino e Sandra fanno qualche foto a Madison.
Gino e Sandra are the proud owners of Wellington grand-sire Hogar (aka Multi Ch. Ritzilyn Chancellor) and the Terra Magica Goldens. Thank you for your help!
Gino e Sandra sono i fieri proprietari del nonno di Wellington, Hogar (Multi Ch. Ritzilyn Chancellor) e dei Goldens Terra Magica. Grazie per il vostro aiuto!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Under the Italian Sky...

Here we are again, the 1stClass Goldens and their humans resurfaced on Italian ground. The USA were great and that's where 50% of our heart is, but we are so very happy to be back in old charming Europe! Living in Italy can be challenging, and sweet at the same time, we'll make the best out of it!

Rieccoci, i Goldens 1stClass e i loro umani sono riapparsi in Italia. Gli USA sono fantastici e meta' del nostro cuore sara' sempre al di la' dell'Oceano, ma siamo cosi' contenti di essere nella vecchia Europa! Vivere in Italia e' una sfida continua, ma e' anche molto piacevole, ce la gusteremo al massimo!

Monday, January 19, 2009


The week of celebration has officially started
It was veeery difficult to concentrate on what he was saying , SO handsome!
What were The Dubliners doing here...???
Tom Hanks speaks.
Shakira, Stevie Wonder and Usher
The Final
Enjoying the concert.
View of the Mall from Washington's Memorial

Sunday, January 18, 2009


"And yet, as I stand here tonight, what gives me the greatest hope of all is not the stone and marble that surrounds us today, but what fills the spaces in between. It is you - Americans of every race and region and station who came here because you believe in what this country can be and because you want to help us get there. It is the same thing that gave me hope from the day we began this campaign for the presidency nearly two years ago; a belief that if we could just recognize ourselves in one another and bring everyone together - Democrats, Republicans, and Independents; Latino, Asian, and Native American; black and white, gay and straight, disabled and not - then not only would we restore hope and opportunity in places that yearned for both, but maybe, just maybe, we might perfect our union in the process."
I am SO proud to be an American today!

Sunday, November 9, 2008




Our democrat friends enjoying the victory!
I nostri amici democratici fanno festa per la vittoria!

Andrew, my boss, giving a very emotional speech after the victory.
Andrew, il mio capo, molto emozionato cerca di mettere insieme un discorso dopo la vittoria .

Andrew and Blanca.

Finally smiling after rivers of tears!
Finalmente dei sorrisi dopo fiumi di lacrime!

Can you all see my tears? I was mesmerized, and elated, and very very emotional!
Si vedono le lacrime? Ero in schock, estatica, e molto molto commossa!


Solo oggi, a 5 giorni dalle elezioni, mi comincio a riprendere. Il 4 Novembre 2008 Sen. Obama e' stato eletto 44esimo presidente degli USA. La sua vittoria e' stata devastante, una valanga che ha ribaltato il colore dal rosso al blu per molti stati tra i quali la Florida e la Virgina, per non parlare dell'altalenante Pennsylvania! I seggi in PA chiudevano alle 20, neanche 5 minuti dopo la TV annunciava che la Pennsylvania era blu, terra di Obama! E da questo momento ho cominciato a piangere, il nostro lavoro nei mesi passati stava finalmente facendo vedere i suoi frutti, e che frutti! Mentre i risultati continuavano ad arrivare, io continuavo a piangere. Una pagina di storia veniva scritta e io ne sono stata parte, solo una piccola formichina, ma c'ero!


5 days after the election, I am just now starting to get myself together. On November 4 2008 Sen. Obama was elected to be the 44th president of the USA. His victory was a sweeping one, he was able to win republican states like Florida and Virginia, and the swinger Pennsylvania of course! The polls is PA closed at 8PM, not even 5 minutes later the TV reported that PA was Obamaland, and that's when I started to cry. All the hard work we put in, during the past few months was finally showing its results, in the most beautiful way possible. While the results were still coming in, I could not help myself, I was crying like a baby. A page of history was being written and I had been a part of it, a small tiny ant, but I was there!